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Yes!  Get The Good Stuff Delivered Straight To Your Door

Save money, time, and eat more healthy while supporting the mission of Misfits. Clean and healthy food looks good in its natural state. Size and shape don’t matter. Super fresh and taste great.

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Always Fresh & Sometimes Normal

Misfit produce delivered directly to you for up to 50% less than grocery store prices.

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You can have delicious, fresh and affordable misfits produce delivered to you and each time you do you’ll be helping to reduce food waste.  In the United States of America, half of what farms grow never gets eaten.  Why?  Because of modern-day beauty standards for food.  Delicious but odd-sized grown produce is exhausted at every level.

There is a company called Misfits. The company buys unwanted organic produce and sells it to the public. Additionally, it sells for half the price compared to buying it from a local food store.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Eco-friendly home compostable packaging insulation dissolves under hot water in about 60-seconds. The cardboard boxes are recyclable too. When ice is used, nontoxic ice packs made from sucrose and water-based formula are used. Plant-based bags with resin compound are used to protect more sensitive items too.

CLICK HERE to visit – Misfitsmarket.com